The Container

Of course I somehow found what I assume is the most hipster part of Vegas. I’m sitting here now, in a courtyard-open-space type place. Basically just some mobile-mini’s in a circle around some free space with holiday lights. My view is of a chocolate shop, a locally sourced art store, and a place that only sells cupcakes. Not to mention the fact that I’m eating at “Simply Pure”–which has delicious vegan food and I highly recommend it.
I’ve denied being a hipster for a while. And I still do to a certain extant (which might actually make me more of one?). Then, one day in the car a few years back, my mom turned to me at a stop light, looked me in the eyes, and said, “I love you, Lilly, but you are so. Completely. Hipster.”
She has this voice she does sometimes, and it reminds me that she works in a high school. Her inflection kind of becomes like a stereotypical valley-girl, and she adds a lot of unnecessary punctuation for emphasis. It’s hilarious.
But I digress. The point is, I’m surprisingly unsurprised that on my first night away from Kloe and Kyle, I somehow stumbled upon this hipster-haven surrounded by the un-reality of Vegas. And as much as I hate to admit it, I kind of feel at home. Which is not at all how I have felt in Vegas thus far.
While Kloe and Kyle have been nonplussed and impressed by all that Vegas has to offer, I have been overwhelmed and startled to the point of spilling my drink, more than once. I’m glad we are experiencing it, but it reminds me of the Grand Canyon: it’s all just a little much for me to conceptualize and grasp, but I know I am supposed to be impressed.
Though sitting on the railing outside the Bellagio fountains last night will go down as one of my top feel-good-folder memories.





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