Mom’s Know Best

*We haven’t had a computer until now, so these are back logged blogs I wrote in my journal. This one is from day 4*

Okay, I will be an adult and just say it: My mom was right, and I was wrong. Things don’t go as planned and it’s good to have back ups. It took four days until we actually left our originally planned location and arrived to our predetermined destination.

It amazes me how much can come up. Between grossly overestimating how quickly we could bike with all our weight to underestimating how many flat tires we would get, our days have taken much longer than anticipated. But after the first night, where we–unbeknownst to us–broke into an Air-force base after dark and the people we were staying with had to come and pick us up, anything seems to be going better. And today we left Salida, which was planned, crossed Monarch pass at 11,000 feet elevation, and ended up in Gunnison, Colorado, also planned. Plus we only got one flat tire, which I got, five miles from Gunnison.

As the days go on, we are getting better acclimated to changing our tires quickly and improvising plans to help stay on schedule while not trying to ride more than we can. But each night it amazes me how much my mom was right when she said that no matter how much I planned, I would never be fully prepared.


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