Hurricanes In The Mountains?

This post of from Day 7:

Today I found out what the purpose of the emergency phones are on the side of the road.

“Hello, this is not an emergency,” I said.

“Okay…” the voice on the other end said. I assumed it was a mid-thirties male.

“Can I make a phone call from this line?” I asked.

“Not a non-emergent one,” he said. It turns out his name is Tim.

I explained that we were at the summit of Red Mountain Pass, and it was pouring rain so we couldn’t make it down. My friend, Maddy, was already on her way to get us, but I wanted to touch base with her. Tim called Maddy for us, who was slightly frightened when her caller-ID read 911, but she ended up saving us from the storm an hour later. Luckily we were able to summit the pass successfully, though it would have been nice to reap the rewards of going down it. We have been spoiled, though, with amazing down hills, so it’s okay.


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