Grand Canyon

From Day 14:

Today was our first rest day. We slept until the sun woke us up in our tent, and ate a luxurious breakfast of pop tarts and crackers. Tim, the amazing camp host we made friends with when he was confused where our car was and we explained that we don’t have one, lent us his car to visit the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. We were going to bike but I recently hurt my ankle, and it is much further than we thought from our campground. He has an old Subaru hatchback, and it has the best mix CD you can imagine on it. It is literally song after song of great 80’s music, from The Doors to Cindy Lauper to Simon and Garfunkel, the songs kept getting better and better.

After arriving, doing the obligatory photo taking and gift shop perusing, Kloe and I decided to embrace the “rest” in “rest day.” While Kyle went off and hiked around, we sat on the comfy couches and looked out at the great view. And I ate Indian fry-bread with pizza sauce, which is apparently such an odd pairing of food that the people gave it to me for free.


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