Bridge School Connection

Whenever we stay with people we explain what The Bridge School is and why we are raising money for them. What is awesome is when someone has heard of it, and what is really awesome is when someone recognizes my LincVolt tee shirt. This has happened a total of twice, but that’s two more times than ever before while wearing the shirt, so I get pretty excited.

“Is that a Neil Young thing?” someone in Salida, Colorado, asked me.

“Yes it is,” I said a little too loudly and much too excitedly. I proceeded to bombard him with facts about Neil Young, our ride, and The Bridge School, to which I expect he was startled but he recovered quickly.

It happened again last night, in St. George, Utah. We are staying at a house with this amazing couple, Zack and Sarah, and their friend, Elliot, came over to play horse shoes and sit around a campfire. Elliot is from Sacramento, and immediately recognized my tee shirt and he asked me if I have heard of The Bridge School. This launched a great conversation about the reason for our ride and raising money, and The Bridge School Benefit Concert.

If I fund-raise for another tour, I am going to print little information papers about whatever the cause is, because it’s hard to explain it to everyone and have them remember the fundraising web site, but this time around spreading awareness has been going well.


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