6 Days and Counting (Or Not…)

I just took down the calendar in my room. When I need to pack, or clean, or really do anything, I go about it as I do most things: horribly inefficiently. Just ask any boss I’ve ever had; I can get the job done, but nothing about my process will make you think of the word logic.

I figured I could live without my calendars for a few weeks, but it turns out I was wrong.

“Wait, what day is it?” I asked my roommates.

“You have one weekend left until Labor Day,” Becky said.

And then I opened the calendar.

“What the Heck!!!” I responded. This has become my mantra for the last few days.

So there I was, 10 days away, and now here I am, six days away, in about the same place. I pick Kloe up from the airport in a few hours, and tomorrow we get Kyle. I remember when this trip seemed forever away, and I actually stopped myself from getting too far ahead. I wish I could go back and slap that girl, tell her no, keep figuring it out so I don’t have to now! But alas, when push comes to shove, we get on our bikes and head west.

“Are you ready for it?” has become everyone’s go to question.

For the record, the answer is No.

It’s not that we’re unprepared. I mean, we are, but we will be okay. The thing is, no matter what, we are going to be exhausted and realize that we forgot a lot of stuff, so I don’t see the point in preparing too much.

But don’t worry, Mom, I’m still prepared enough. And I’m getting pepper spray this weekend. 


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