Rest Easy, Mom

Because we have a boy on the trip.

I approached Kyle the way I have approached everyone I have spoken to in the last few months, by asking him to be a driver. He instead expressed interest in riding, and yada yada yada, now there are three road rascals.

I told Kyle that I’d having to talk with Kloe about it before giving him an answer, and after weighing the pros and cons, we realized that there were not really any cons, and the pros are huge. Kyle was ahead of Kloe and I in school, but we had mutual friends so I got to know him by the end of it. I dragged Kloe to a few parties at his house, so they have met before, but don’t know each other that well. This was the biggest pro when deciding.

“So he will become one of our best friends,” Kloe said.

“Is that awkward?” I asked.

“I mean, kind of, but we are also on the cusp of a life changing adventure so we might as well add a new best friend,” she said.

It took more than that conversation to make the decision, but in the end we can’t turn down someone that will add a lot to the team and help us raise more money for The Bridge School.



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